Clay Arts : Rose with Colored Clay

Clay Rose

Beginning to make the petals...

Wow! Rose is ready...

A leaf makes it perfect!

ps:Polymer clay is sold in craft, hobby and art stores and is used by artists, hobbyists and children.

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Straw Flower

Recently I came across some pictures of hand crafted flower made of straw! I liked it so much.The flowers looked so real and so beautiful. I searched in youtube for the procedure and made some flowers of my own!

Here is the youtube video.

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Decorated Pine cones for Christmas Crib

U need
1.Glitter glue and
2.Spray paint-Color any of ur choice
3.Paint brush
4.Pine cones

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Hobby Ideas : Crafts - Pineapple

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Hobby Ideas: Pencil Sketch - "River Side"

Items used:
Only Pencils : H, F, B and 5B

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Hobby ideas: Pencil Sketch - Fruit Bowl

Items used:
Only Pencils : H, F, B and 5B

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A quick 3D art on ur Canvas board

What u need

1.A white canvas board of the size of the pic u r abt to do.

2.A sketch of required picture(as shown above)


4.Fabric paint.

5.Paint brush.


7.Tracing paper.

How to go...

1.With the help of pencil and tracing paper,transfer the sketch on to the canvas board

2.Pour the fevitite within the borders of the sketch.

3.Apply different layers each after setting, say 1 hour.

4.Now all u need to do is to paint the background,doves,the moon,the clouds

5.Keep it untouched for an hour.

6.Now ur 3D art is good to go:)

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