A quick and awesome work on an earthenware pot..

What you need

1.A cute earthenware pot(as shown above)

2.Fabric paints for leaves,grapes ,background and border.

3.Paint Brush

4.Mseal(an adhesive)

5.A pencil

How to make .........

1.Paint the whole pot with yellow fabric paint.

2.Paint the neck and bottom of the pot with black fabric paint.

3.Using Pencil draw the grapes,leaves,branches on it.

4.Mix the adhesive as instructed in the pack.

5.Spread the portion of it in the shape of the leaves and others in the shape of branches and grapes.

6.Wait till the adhesive sets..about an hour.

7.Then paint the grapes,leaves and branches..

8.Place some flowers in ur new flower vase.

9.Ur cute little pot is ready...

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